Father in law’s recipe of the Egyptian Calrose Rice…

Egyptian recipe of calrose rice
Egyptian recipe of calrose rice

As you might know by now, I love cooking, trying recipes and making new ones. I think I can follow most of the recipes easily, thank God! However, there is one dish I always used to struggle with, it sounds like an easy dish but it always ends up either overcooked or undercooked, that is the Egyptian calrose rice. The traditional Egyptian rice recipe uses the short grain rice and not the long one. The long grain rice, I can cook it blind folded. There is something about this mean little grain that it gives me hard time. If I put too much water, it becomes mushy, if I decrease the water, it becomes crunchy. If I do exact recipe, it alternates the  behavior randomly.

I almost gave up and took out my rice cooker to make rice until I saw what my father in law cooking that mean short grain calrose rice. It came out perfectly! So, I tried his recipe and it is pretty much different from all the recipes I tried, it solved the problem for me. If you can make calrose rice already, you do not need to try this recipe but if you are one of that short grain victims, give this Egyptian adjusted recipe a shot!

1 cup of the mean short grain rice
1 cup of Fideo pasta (short thin cut pasta)
1 3/4 (close to 2) cups boiling water
3 tablespoons corn oil
1/2 bouillon cube or 1/2 tbsp bouillon powder (optional)
salt (1/2 tbsp, you can taste and adjust)


First thing, start with the water to get it hot. I use my electric kettle for that.
Wash the rice and let it drain in a strainer over a deep plate.
In a small pot, add the pasta and stir constantly until golden brown.

Thin pasta

Add the rice and mix with the pasta.
Add the 3 tablespoons of the corn oil and stir.

Calrose rice mixed with pasta and oil
Calrose rice mixed with pasta and oil

Make sure all the rice grains are mixed well with pasta and the oil as in the above pic.
Now add the hot water.
Add the salt .
Add the bouillon stock.
Let it boil for 30 seconds.

Cover and move to the lowest heat.
Check after 25 minutes for readiness.
When ready, uncover the rice and let it rest for 15 minutes before serving.

It could be eaten with some veggies and beef stew: recipe of beef stew with veggies

Egyptian recipe of beef stew with peas and carrots
Egyptian recipe of beef stew with peas and carrots

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  1. Mel says:

    Lovely blog. Thank you. I spent 6 years living in Egypt and loved learning the recipes and eating the food. My favourite by far is mahshi. Wait. My favourite by far is tamiya. Wait… Everything is my favourite. Duck, pigeon. Oh my God. Fantastic food in Egypt.

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