Strawberry Jam Recipe

Egyptian recipe of strawberry Jam
Egyptian recipe of strawberry Jam

This is my first trial to make Jam or Jelly at home. If you have ever watched “Friends” sitcom, I am like Joey eating Jam off the jar with a spoon, no bread, no nothing. Same for Nutella. I love the homemade Jam, something about it makes me feel happy. Perhaps, the little cute jars unlike the commercial ones. I made the strawberry Jam for the first time but in my learning process, I made huge mistake of adding more sugar than I supposed to. I like things sweet but I overdid it with sugar this time. My kids loved it though, of course!! Do not worry, the recipe below has the sugar amount adjusted. Enjoy!


4 cups of sliced strawberries (about 2 lb)
4 cups of white sugar
3 tablespoons lemon juice

Wash and dice the strawberries in small pieces.
rub it well with 2 cups of sugar.
Set aside in fridge overnight or for a couple of hours.

Strawberry sprinkled with sugar

On a medium heat and in a medium pot, add the strawberries mix, lemon juice and sugar.
Stir constantly.


Let it stay on the heat until the juices condenses and it becomes thick.

Sauce thickens

Pour the hot jam into the cute jars. There are some cute ones in many places like World market. Enjoy!


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