Alexandrian beef liver: Kibda Iskandrani

I know beef liver might not sound delicious for some people. However, in Egypt and Middle East, beef liver is considered so yummy 🙂 It is also one of the most popular street food in Egypt but it is bit risky to eat it off food carts/trucks unless you trust the place very well. In Egypt, beef liver is cooked by different ways as in fried, grilled, breaded, stir fried and it can be served with rice or in sandwiches. The best and most favorable way to cook beef liver in Egypt is the Alexandrian way. It is named after the city of Alexandria in Egypt. It is cooked with garlic, cumin, lime juice, bell peppers and best in sandwiches with some tahini sauce. Hope you like it!


1 lb beef liver
1 tbsp ground cumin
8 minced garlic cloves
1/4 small minced onion (optional)
1 tbsp vinegar
1 lime juice
Salt and pepper (about 1 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp pepper but I will leave it to taste)
1 diced bell pepper
1 diced tomato

wash the beef liver and pat dry. Some people do not wash it but if I do not wash it and my mom gets to know that, she will never ever try my food again.

Dice the beef liver into small pieces. This step could be hard if the liver is not half frozen. So I advise you to freeze it for 30 minutes first.

Now marinate the liver with lime juice, vinegar, salt, pepper, cumin, minced onion and garlic. If you are not going to cook it right away, do not add the minced garlic and cumin till you are ready to cook it so it does not get bitter.

Add the diced bell peppers and mix them together.

In a large pan, heat the cooking oil on high heat. Make sure it is hot enough before adding the liver to make sure it will sizzle when you add it.
Now add the liver and stir around for few minutes.

When browned add the tomatoes and cook for 2 more minutes.

Enjoy with some tahini sauce in hot dog buns 🙂

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  1. Sabine says:

    I love liver from time to time, my to go recipe being veal liver with apple slices. I had no idea liver was so popular in Egypt it even is offered as street food! Your recipe sounds deliciously different from the wayI know liver, definitely worth a try!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks please give it a try 😊 in Egypt the lamb and veal liver are the best too for flavors. They sell the beef liver a lot off carts like food trucks in Egypt 😊


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