Egyptian basboosa: my favorite dessert!


 Basboosa is my favorite dessert since I was a little kid. If you have never tried it before, it might be close in description to a very thin crumbly cake covered with a lot of syrup. So it is moist, sweet and dissolves in your mouth. It is GOOD!

In Egypt, almost every bakery and sweet place make basboosa, it has no special season but again it becomes a big hit during Ramadan but not as other desserts during this month like Konafa and Qatayef. My favorite sweet shop that makes basboosa is “Kouieder” in el korba. It is so moist and sweet and just made right! This picture is from their menu and this how it looks like in reality if you put some cream on the top.


2 cups semolina flour the rough course grain
1 cup sugar
1/3 tsp baking powder
1 cup yogurt
1/2 cup room temperature ghee or samn 
1/4 cup coconut flakes (optional, I do not use it though)
Sugar syrup

Mix the semolina flour with the baking powder in a bowl.
In a separate bowl, mix the ghee and the sugar very well until they are creamy and white.
Add to the ghee and sugar, the yogurt slowly and mix well.


Now, add that batter mix to the flour.  

Now fold the mix in and do not over mix it.


Get a greased baking pan with spraying Pam or little if ghee, you can add wax paper if you like then take the batter and press it down after wetting your hand with a little bit of water.
Cover the full surface of the baking pan then there is something we do and I think the reason for it is to flatten the full surface of basboosa. Raise the pan and drop it on the kitchen island for a few times. Enjoy the noise and do not break anything.
With a knife, just pass it slowly and gently on the top to form the squares.
Put it in fridge for 3 minutes

Make sure you have a hot sugar syrup to be ready in 30 minutes. The syrup must not be thick.

Bake the basboosa at 350 degrees F. for about 30 minutes or until basboosa is golden brown.
Take it out and cover with hot syrup. It shall absorb it fast.

Turn the oven off and put the basboosa back in the turned off oven for 2 minutes exactly, it helps with absorbing the syrup and keep it intact.


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  1. Amina says:

    Salam. Do you put the syrup on while the syrup is still very hot? Or let it cool slightly?

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    1. Salam dear. The basboosa has to be hot and also the syrup has to be hot as well unlike konafa and qatayef. I am trying new recipe I got today from my friend tonight, if I like it I will add it as well since it is using samna not butter so flavors might be better 😊


    2. Hi Amina I adjusted a couple of things that made it like the ones in stores:
      1. Using the simid all rough type not smooth
      2. Using yogurt and no milk
      3. Using ghee or samn instead of unsalted butter
      4. Put it back in the hot but turned off oven for 3 minutes after pouring the hot syrup on it
      P.s. Basboosa has to be hot and the syrup has to be hot too


  2. Jan says:

    Hi there. How much sugar syrup should be poured over the cake, and do you have a best recipe for the sugar syrup that you use?
    My friend from Cairo claims the basbousa that the Koueider bakery is the best. Having never been there myself, how close in taste is your recipe to the Koueider basbousa?
    Thank you so much! I look forward to trying this.

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    1. Hi I usually use close to 2 cups of syrup. I have a recipe for the sugar syrup under my dessert tab but I coped the link with all the details below. Koueider basbousa is the best ever and the homemade one is pretty good but still kouedier is special and number 1 hehehe


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